Initial Inspirations

Some Cool Physical Computing Stuff

Leah Buechley’s TED talk has some cool projects in it. The paper craft / stretching electronics is pretty cool.

And one of her students ( Jie Qi) does Electronic Popables. They have simple designs, graphic and clean. And with the lights they become sort of mystical. I have always wanted to make a intricate pop up, there are so many possibilities.

Firewall by Aaron Sherwood and Mike Allison. I love the patterns. I could probably watch it for hours. And lately I have been attracted to yellow.

Flow5.0 by Studio Roosegaarde. I like how it reacts to users. I like the movement patterns created across its surface.

This group has a lot of cool other works too.  Lotus has a heat sensitive material that bends. Dune is also pretty interesting; it is very mysterious.

Articulated Cloud by Ned Kahn.  Again I like the way it moves, similar to Articulated Cloud. Though I think this one is purely wind powered, no computers involved.

I like Leo Villareal’s work too. Over break the summer I saw Multiverse. It is part of the underground walkway between the east and west buidlings of the National Gallery of Art. It’s so expansive feeling; even though it is a tunnel, it feels like it could be a huge space of its own. It is also quite a bit darker than the video makes it seem, so it is more like you are floating in space though stars.

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